Friday, April 15, 2011

Viva La Revolution

The air waves of this blog have been compromised by myself. It's time to let freedom ring with a shotgun blast. My friend today said she didn't like the songs I put up and I can't blame her I don't either. I don't dislike them but I certainly never blasted my car to it. It's bubble gum it's safe the 90's was anything but safe. I went to Woodstock 99 they treated the customers during that concert like absolute crap so we rioted and burned it to the ground we had more attitude then any generation we just plainly didn't give a fuck. Yes this site will be uncensored for now on. I never believed in censorship which is the reason I never had a radio show colleges radio station. Fact the court put parental advised labels on music during the 90's because we said what we wanted and how we felt. It offended people I guess It didn't change anything we didn't' keep quiet. How does some lame R&B videos reflect that attitude of the generation it doesn't. So in true 90's spirit with true 90's attitude if you don't like my choices or it offends you some how leave. One thing will be certain i'll like what I put up and won't give a flying.... you finish the rest. 

My 5 revolutionary choices for todays mood i'm in. (I'm for a real revolution too)

Rage Against the Machine No Shelter for some reason they won't allow me to post the true video

Oddly I can't post the video I wanted of this either If you agree with the message or not it makes no difference. This is the song that caused the 1st amendment to be violated.  Many artist from this point on would have parental advisory stickers on music albums.

Much of our generations parents are veterans of Vietnam a messed up war in which soldiers weren't regarded as heroes because they served in an unjust war that was political bullshit. The draft was horrible the war was traumatizing. I feel for many of us whose families served during those dark times that their attitudes carried over to our generation. So the last two videos will be for them they are heroes not because the war itself but for surviving and raising us after dealing with such injustices and trauma. Thank you for paving the way for us.